Our company capabilities

Cloud Software

Our solutions are delivered through the web, hosted on our scalable cloud servers.  We update data in hours, fix problems in days, and add features in weeks... not years.  

Climate Impact

Our mantra is 'The Atmosphere is our Client'.  We are relentlessly focused on actual, verifiable climate impact.  We deeply appreciate our sponsors, but their data is never treated differently.

Construction Materials 

We focus on the handful of materials that make up 98% of the embodied climate impact, and dive deep into the unique characteristics and supply chain of those.

Open Ecosystem

No tool or company is the best at every problem; a healthy ecosystem is crucial.  We build interfaces to the major industry tools, collaborate on Open APIs to allow others to access our data, and open-source much of our code.  

User Experience

We believe in teaching computers to understand humans, not the other way around.  We work cosntantly with user groups of professionals to improve, refine, and clarify our interfaces, methods, and data.