C Change Labs exists to help organizations implement effective climate action in a competitive market environment through easy-to-use software, powerful visualizations, large-scale cloud databases, and focused industry-specific customizations


Most of the technology required to handle the climate emergency exists already, and the pool of ingenuity to create more is enormous.  What is missing, frequently, is the business case for action.   There are many parts to creating that, but one indispensible part is accountability -- not just estimation.

C-Change is creating key tools and services that drive accountabilty through the supply chain, across borders, for the most carbon-intensive products.  We aim to be an integral part of a healthy worldwide ecosystem of interoperable, trusted private and public services.  


Addressing climate change will be expensive, but the costs of not doing so are vastly greater. The cost of 2017's Hurricane Harvey ($125B) is greater than all expenditures on carbon allocations and offsets combined.

Carbon doesn't care where it is emitted, while national laws are limited by borders. Fortunately, a buyer's purchasing power is not so limited, and companies are taking action.

99 of the world's largest organizations, with annual purchasing power of over $3 trillion, have begun engaging suppliers on GHG intensity. They need efficient ways to hold business units, suppliers, and downstream entities accountable for their actual impact. That's what we do.


Phil Northcott is founder & CEO of C Change Labs.  Phil has been leading fast-paced commercial R&D for 22 years, first in telecommunications, then solid-state drives, and now in climate change.  He holds a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science from Simon Fraser University, 22 U.S. Patents, and lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia.